An Arlington Criminal Defense Lawyer Works to Obtain Positive Results for Clients

When an individual has been accused of a criminal offense, it is highly recommended to obtain the support and guidance of a reputable Arlington criminal defense lawyer.  Regardless of whether you are arrested for DUI, shoplifting, or a more serious crime such as assault or arson, your attorney will first and foremost work to protect you from a conviction and the resulting criminal penalties.  Those convicted of crimes often face serious penalties which may include jail or prison time and substantial fines, among other things.

While no one wants to be investigated for or charged with a crime, the good news is that under the U.S. Constitution, any person who faces charges for allegedly committing a crime is innocent until proven guilty.  This means that the prosecutor has the burden of proving the accused individual’s guilt.  An experienced Arlington criminal defense attorney will thoroughly investigate the details of the client’s case in order to develop the most effective defense strategy. For every criminal offense, there are numerous defense tactics that often prove successful.

Ultimately, your defense lawyer would prefer to prevent having charges filed at all when possible, however this requires that the client consult with an attorney in the very early stages, prior to charges being filed by the prosecution.  When charges have already been filed, a skilled Arlington criminal defense lawyer may be able to have the charge reduced to a misdemeanor which typically results in less harsh penalties.  Of course, it is also the focus of a qualified defense lawyer to secure an acquittal for his or her client, which makes it possible to avoid criminal penalties altogether.

There are some instances in which it may be more favorable for the client to plead guilty or no contest, depending on the circumstances and whether the client is actually guilty.  In most cases, accepting a plea agreement from prosecutors results in criminal penalties which are substantially reduced from what a defendant would face if he or she were to be found guilty by a jury.  Your Arlington criminal defense attorney will work with you personally so that together it can be determined which is the best approach in your particular situation.

Whether you have been arrested for an offense that seems fairly minor, or are under investigation for a crime that would be considered violent or serious, speak with a seasoned criminal defense lawyer immediately.  Taking action quickly can make all of the difference in the outcome.  Your attorney will work vigorously to protect your legal rights, innocence, and ultimately your freedom, reputation, and career.

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