Bus Accidents in California Can Cause Serious Personal Injury and Death

Surprising to most, there have been hundreds of bus accidents that have occurred in the state of California over the past decade, injuring most and killing many of the passengers. Los Angeles & San Diego Bus accidents can occur because of a variety of reasons. Perhaps a bus driver was negligent in his duty to drive safely and in accordance to all of the city street laws. Parts of the bus could have been mechanical defective, including the engine or tires. Conditions on the road may have been neglected, increasing the chances of an accident and injuries. Whatever the reason, bus accidents continue to injure and/or kills many each year in California, which is why many families are turning to personal injury attorneys for help in reaching monetary compensation and settlement.  (California Search Engine Optimization)

In a news report dated last October, there was a terrible bus accident in Colusa County, California that ended with the death of 11 people. Thirty more passengers were injured in the accident. Virtually all of the victims were senior citizens who were taking a trip to a nearby casino for the day. The driver himself did not incur any serious injuries, but many family members of the deceased victims believe that he carries the blame for the crash.

It has not been released whether or not the driver was driving over the speed limit, but it is known that he somehow lost control of the bus. As a result, the bus rolled off of the road and into a nearby ditch. Many of the victims and their families believe the accident was the fault of the driver because several of the passengers watched as he began falling asleep at the wheel just before the accident happened. For one reason or another, the driver had not slept for nearly two days straight before he began his drive with the senior citizens on the way to a casino.

By neglecting to get the proper rest he needed before driving this passenger bus, the driver put all of those onboard at risk. The danger of the situation was realized when the bus overturned, injuring 30 of its passengers and killing 11. It was the responsibility of this wearied driver to sleep before beginning this journey, one which he failed to fulfill. As a result, he has recently been found guilty of vehicular manslaughter.

Many victims of bus crashes, including those who are left behind after the death of a loved one, choose to file personal injury claims against those found to be at fault or responsible for the accident. Personal injury claims can help victims and their families receive monetary compensation for their pain and suffering. This compensation can also be used to help cover any medical and funeral costs a family might incur if a loved one is seriously injured or dies of his or her wounds. This compensation will obviously not be able to right the wrong that has been done, but it can greatly decrease the dread and distress a victim or family feels following a bus accident.

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