Lawsuit Loans Provide the Funding You Need until Your Money Arrives

If you’ve been hurt because someone else has been careless, you may be suffering, waiting to get back toward normal life, and wondering how you’re going to pay the bills. Perhaps you’ve got a settlement coming to you as a result of those injuries, or your case has gone to court, to the jury, and will eventually result in some type of jury award.

That’s all well and good, but what do you do if you can’t work while you wait for your case to complete? Lawsuit loans can help you get the money you need to take care of yourself and your family ahead of time – before your case completes. This is real money, money that comes to you in the form of a loan based upon your expected settlement or jury award amount.

What type of loan is a lawsuit loan?

Addison Lawsuit loans are real loans – but instead of asking you to jump through a bunch of financial hoops like traditional loans do, there’s no collateral, no credit history check, no credit score or income verification, none of that. Instead, you can take out part of an expected settlement or jury award amount in the form of a loan against that money, so that you can pay bills and other needs.

How these loans can actually help you get the money you deserve

Lawsuit loans don’t just tide you over until your full settlement amount or jury award is decided. They can actually help you get the real amount of money you deserve as compensation for your pain and suffering. When you can tide yourself over with a small loan of this type, you have the patience and fortitude (thanks to that money) to stand up against the insurance company or other guilty party that would otherwise want to force you to settle for something less than you deserve. Lawsuit loans give you the funding you need.

How these loans work

If you have legitimate personal injury case that’s likely to settle out-of-court or result in a jury award, you and your lawyer (whom you’ve hired on contingency) will apply for one of these loans with a company that specializes in them. The company will take a look at your case and confirm that it is indeed legitimate, that your lawyer has agreed to the loan as well and has been hired on contingency, and that your case is likely to result in jury award. Once those criteria are met, you’re given the money, usually about 10% of your full expected award or settlement, with no strings attached.

If you win your case, you’re expected to pay that money back with interest and fees, but if you list – you owe nothing. You will not have to pay that money and can just get on with life.

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