A Fairfax Juvenile Crime Defense Attorney Will Work to Protect Your Child’s Future

When your child is convicted of a crime, it can permanently damage his or her future.  Many people mistakenly believe that these records disappear once the child becomes an adult, or are sealed so that the public does not have access to them.  This is not the case.  In order to protect your child’s future, it is critical that you consult with an experienced Fairfax juvenile crime defense attorney.

Misdemeanor convictions are typically removed from an individual’s criminal record when he/she turns 19 years old, or 5 years after the commission of the crime, whichever event happens last.  Felony offenses will remain on your child’s record for the remainder of his or her life.  Without the support and skill of a trusted Fairfax criminal defense lawyer, your child’s future does not look bright or promising.

No parent wants to see their child face punishment, jail time or a ruined reputation.  You want your minor child to have a productive life, good employment and an unmarred reputation.  However, without the services of a compassionate juvenile crime defense lawyer in Fairfax, your child may face incarceration in the Juvenile Detention Facility.  In addition, a serious felony offense may mean that your child will be subject to the same penalties that an adult would for the same offense.

If your child is old enough to drive, driver’s license suspension is common on conviction of misdemeanor charges.  Your child may also be denied acceptance in some colleges and universities as well, as many today require information regarding whether a potential student has any criminal convictions.

Experienced Fairfax juvenile crime defense lawyers know that some of the most common juvenile offenses include:

  • Destruction of property/vandalism
  • DUI, DWI or underage drinking, possession of alcohol by a minor
  • Possession and/or distribution of marijuana or other drugs
  • Reckless driving, speeding
  • Gang-related activities
  • Shoplifting or other theft crimes

Pleading guilty to charges or paying a ticket instead of fighting the charges is not a good idea.  Many assume that by paying a traffic ticket, the charge will go away.  This is not so.  In any situation when a minor child is arrested or under suspicion for a criminal offense, it is crucial that you consult with a trusted Fairfax juvenile crime defense attorney who will provide you with the support, guidance and aggressive litigation skills necessary to protect your child’s freedom and future.  Children age 17 and under are not fully mature, and should not be punished severely for making mistakes – we’re all human.  Do the right thing, and hire a seasoned Fairfax juvenile crime lawyer who can obtain a good outcome.

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