A Kansas City Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You Secure Fair Compensation for Your Injuries

If you’re the victim and have suffered injuries because of someone else’s negligence or carelessness, you may have a personal injury case. Although some tort reforms may have limited the damages you can receive in certain personal injury cases, you should still take your case to a Kansas City personal injury lawyer as soon as you have had your injuries treated; he or she will sue on your behalf if your case is legitimate.

Do you qualify?

If you’ve suffered personal injuries through no fault of your own, such as through a car accident, slip and fall accident, premises accident, or product liability, and those injuries were severe enough to require medical treatment, you may qualify to receive damages and compensation for pain and suffering from the offending parties. This is especially true if you have had to miss work or have had life altering circumstances occur because of the injuries. However, you do have to be careful that you’re not simply doing this for a lark; gone are the days when you could simply sue in hopes of getting a big settlement even though your injury was minor at best, or even nonexistent.

More or less severe?

It’s true that some injuries are less severe than others, but even if those injuries will be completely overcome and you will fully recover, you may still be eligible for some compensation. Of course, if your injuries were completely disabling in a way that your life will change forever, a Kansas City personal injury attorney will certainly want to thoroughly investigate your case and determine whether or not you are eligible for damages and compensation for pain and suffering. If you are, you can be sure that your case will be tried in a court of law, and either guided toward settlement or jury award, to its completion.

No money up front

Kansas City personal injury attorneys are professionals who know their jobs well; they don’t take frivolous personal injury cases on, because those cases aren’t likely to win. Because of this, they will carefully evaluate your case before they take you on – but if they do take your case, you won’t pay any money upfront. Instead, your lawyer will fight hard for you to get either a fair settlement or jury award, and then will take a portion of the proceeds, usually about a third, if you win. If you lose, you do not pay a dime, and your lawyer walks away with nothing.

You can see that this particular arrangement works well, because you know your Kansas City personal injury attorney will do his very best to win your case; after all, if you do not win any compensation, your lawyer does not get paid.

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