Benefit From Online Visibility & Easy Link Building Through OfficialWire

Let’s first start by saying that I am not affiliated with OfficialWire in any way, but I have found incredible success using them for SEO & internet marketing purposes.

On my recent internet marketing escapades, I have ran across a website that will become a tremendous force in obtaining visibility and search engine success online. I have submitted news articles and press releases to them that have obtained over 1,000 views in a matter of hours, this is because OfficialWire has an excellent distribution channel to get you in to top websites. OfficialWire allows website users to obtain a membership for $60/m that allows unlimited submission of News and Press Releases, and the amazing thing is that your article has a 95% chance of being added to Google news, and it will also be placed on sites such as Topix, Yahoo news, Ask News, AltaVista News, AOL News, Twitter and others.

Below is a screenshot of articles & press releases that I have distributed in the past few days. The amazing thing is that I had first page rankings for terms like Website Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Office Chairs, Auto Insurance Company, and many other incredible phrases. Basically, if I put the keyword in the title – I grabbed a top news ranking for at least a day – it’s as simple as that.

The great thing about using this service is that you can link to your own website and benefit from authority link building while obtaining almost instant traffic. Another huge benefit is that my articles are slowly being syndicated on other websites and building up my authority on the internet.

If you actively submit press releases or news online, consider first submitting your content here – because you can benefit from an affordable traffic & optimization tunnel that allows immediate and impressive results. I see major value for companies of all types and in all industries using this technology. Your news also gets submitted to News Contracts and Bloggers that have websites relative to your industry. With over 400,000 media & blog contacts, sites like Official Wire are definitely going to be a wave of the search engine marketing future.

The benefits I have seen are tremendous, I have submitted 7 articles and press releases in the last day – and all of these have received an average of 800 views individually.

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