Dallas Auto Accidents – and Why You Should Hire an Attorney If You Are a Victim

In Dallas, auto accidents occur every day of the year.  In any highly populated and congested city, accidents are something that simply cannot be avoided at times.  However, if you are injured in an accident due to the negligence of someone else, you may need a Dallas car accident lawyer depending upon the severity of your injuries.

The person at fault in the accident may have been speeding, talking on a cell phone or otherwise distracted, or even under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Whatever the reason for their actions, now you are injured and facing medical expenses; you may be unable to work temporarily, or even for the long term.  Dallas auto accident attorneys work to ensure that victims of car accidents are justly compensated, whether through a settlement with the insurance company or a jury trial.

Why do you need a skilled attorney on your side?  Very few people are familiar with the legal system, and most will simply “settle” for whatever the insurance company offers, which is typically far less than you are entitled to.

Here are a few reasons why those who are victims of Dallas auto accidents should hire a skilled lawyer:

1)  Representing yourself rarely turns out well.  A skilled lawyer can document and organize your case, collect evidence and ensure that your case is strong.  An experienced attorney usually has strong negotiation skills, so that you can get the full compensation you deserve for your injuries.

2)  It usually won’t cost you a dime.  Most personal injury attorneys today work on a contingency basis, which means they will not get paid unless your case is won.  Essentially, if a Dallas auto accident lawyer does not think your case is strong, or that it is frivolous, he will not take it.

3)  A skilled attorney will make sure your settlement meets your needs.  Frequently, insurance companies work to under-compensate victims; additionally, they will offer you a structured settlement, which means that you receive payments – and that it could take years for you to collect all of the money you are entitled to.  Your attorney will look out for your best interests.

4)  Insurance companies often attempt to get injury victims to answer medical questions over the phone, or to provide past medical records. This is a red flag; insurance companies try their best to connect the injuries you suffered in a car accident to past medical conditions.

A trusted Dallas auto accident lawyer knows how the insurance companies work, and how to best represent your rights so that you are not cheated out of what is rightfully yours.  When you or a loved one sustain injuries in a Dallas auto accident, never “settle” with the insurance company or determine you do not need legal representation – you absolutely do, if you want a fair settlement.

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