Fairfax Juvenile Crime Defense Attorneys Work Hard to Protect Juvenile Offenders

Whether you are a minor who has been charged with an offense, or the parent of a child who doesn’t know where to turn, your best ally is a Fairfax juvenile crime defense attorney.  At this stage in life, children are not fully developed physically, emotionally or mentally.  They make mistakes, plain and simple.  Does that mean they should face serious consequences for their actions?  Not necessarily, and they deserve a second chance.  Juvenile crime defense lawyers in Fairfax work to protect your child’s freedom and future, finding alternative solutions to harsh punishment.

Some of the most common juvenile crimes include possession of alcohol or drugs, gang related crimes, theft, assault and battery, breaking and entering and burglary.  You do not want your child to endure a criminal record for life, which can negatively impact his/her future in many areas including employment.  Fairfax juvenile crime defense lawyers (Clardy Tuomey of Arlington & Fairfax) work toward rehabilitation rather than punishment.  Your attorney will be familiar with the options as far as alternative sentencing is concerned, so that your reputation and future can be protected.

The juvenile law system differs from that which adults go through, which is why you must have an experienced Fairfax juvenile crime defense attorney on your side.  Juveniles have a tough road today, considering peer pressure and the way our society stands.  It’s easy for a child who is 13, 14 or 15 years old to get involved in taking drugs or drinking, or even theft.  A child’s mind simply does not work the way that an adult’s does; he or she does not think of or even realize the serious implications that may result because of his or her actions.

As in adult cases, your Fairfax juvenile crime defense lawyer will prepare a strong case, talking to witnesses, collecting any evidence, reviewing the scene of the purported crime, analyzing it all to ensure the best outcome for a minor, who has his or her entire life to look forward to.

Ultimately, your attorney will work to have charges against your child dropped when possible, or to minimize the damage.  Whether your child has been charged with driving without a license, underage drinking, bullying at school or any other offense, it is imperative that you consult with a capable Fairfax juvenile crime defense attorney right away.  Your child’s future is important; don’t let mistakes that are made out of peer pressure and innocence take that away.  A dedicated lawyer will work diligently and seek the justice your child deserves.

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