How an Arlington DUI Lawyer Works to Obtain Positive Results for the Client

When you have been arrested for driving under the influence, you may feel that there is really no reason to contact an Arlington DUI lawyer; after all, you’re guilty, right?  Not under the law, which states that all individuals accused of a criminal offense are innocent until proven guilty.  The fact is, DUI is considered a criminal offense, and is punished severely in most states including Virginia.  If you do not secure the support and guidance of a skilled attorney, you may find yourself facing steep fines, jail time, loss of your driving privilege, and a criminal record.

What can an Arlington DUI attorney possibly do to protect you from these harsh criminal penalties?  Plenty.  Police and others involved in the criminal justice system are human, just like everyone else.  Mistakes are often made; whether you were not read your Miranda Rights or a police officer stopped you without reasonable suspicion, most attorneys have an arsenal of effective defense strategies at their disposal.  Blood or breath tests may not be reliable; these tests must be properly administered and handled by authorities, which is not always the case.  Much of the evidence against you may be thrown out, which means a much better chance of getting the charges against you reduced or dismissed.

A dedicated Arlington DUI lawyer will work closely with his or her client, giving the attention and personal approach the client deserves.  Your attorney will review all of the evidence, analyze police reports, even question experts regarding breath/blood tests and other evidence when necessary.  The goal is to find any weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case which may work to your benefit.  Ultimately, a caring attorney wants to have the charge against the client dismissed when possible.

Without a skilled attorney on your side, the penalties you will face if convicted are serious.  For example, a first offense may leave you facing a fine of as much as $2,500 and up to 12 months in jail, along with license suspension and a requirement to attend ASAP classes.  You can only imagine how much worse the penalties become for a conviction on a second or third offense!

Regardless of whether you are guilty or innocent, it is critical that you consult with a qualified Arlington DUI attorney with a proven track record.  Protect your legal rights, freedom, and possibly your career and reputation by calling a lawyer right away.

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