Without a Kansas City DUI Attorney You May Face Serious Consequences

Most people arrested for driving under the influence truly have no idea just how serious the consequences are should they be convicted.  The fact is, without a capable Kansas City DUI attorney to defend you, the penalties are severe, and include loss of your driver’s license, possible jail time, steep fines and a criminal record.  If you are a repeat offender, the punishment is even greater.  While you may believe you cannot afford to hire a DUI lawyer in Kansas City, the simple truth is that without legal representation it could cost you your freedom, career and reputation.

What are the penalties you could face if convicted for driving under the influence?  It all depends on whether it is your first or a subsequent offense.  A first offense in Missouri is classified as a Class B misdemeanor, meaning a $500 fine, up to 6 months in jail, and two years probation under the conditions that you complete community service or a substance abuse education program, and possibly random alcohol testing.  For a second offense, fines and possible jail time double; you may also have your license revoked for one year or longer, depending how long it has been since the first offense.

Kansas City DUI lawyers realize that we are all human, and we all make mistakes.  A compassionate attorney will work to protect you from these harsh penalties, working diligently to have the charges against you dismissed or reduced.  You may be innocent, or you may be guilty; however, skilled lawyers know how to challenge the evidence and develop a strong defense strategy to ensure the best possible outcome.

While an attorney can never promise that he or she will get the charges against you dropped, it is a possibility when you have a seasoned, knowledgeable Kansas City DUI lawyer on your side.  Experienced attorneys know that police officers make mistakes, and there are many factors that come into play which can be challenged.  A police officer must have reasonable suspicion to even pull you over.  Breath and blood testing must be administered properly, and results are not always 100% reliable.  Your lawyer will analyze every detail of the stop and your arrest to determine if any mistakes were made, reviewing videos, the evidence, even questioning police.

Never assume that you did drink alcohol and get behind the wheel, now you must face your punishment.  This simply is not the case!  Put your future and freedom in the hands of a competent DUI attorney in Kansas City, who will protect your legal rights and work aggressively toward the most positive outcome possible.

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Lawsuit Loans – What Litigation Funding Is, and How it Benefits Personal Injury Plaintiffs

You may have heard the term ‘lawsuit loans‘ on television or seen it in newspapers and wondered about how it works.  Unless you are a plaintiff involved in a personal injury lawsuit, you would really have no use for litigation funding.  However, if you have been injured and are involved in a lawsuit, you will be very interested to know that lawsuit loans are simply a cash advance against the money you expect to be awarded in a lawsuit.  In essence, if you qualify you can get a portion of your settlement now, when you need it most.

When you have been seriously injured, you may be unable to work.  Between the added medical expenses and inability to work, bills can pile up and you simply cannot pay them all.  It’s stressful, particularly when your injuries are not your own fault and your life has been turned upside down by someone who was negligent.  Lawsuit loans help ease the stress by providing you with the money to pay your bills and live normally while waiting for your lawsuit to settle.

How does litigation funding work, and how do you know if you qualify?

Lawsuit loans are granted only to those who qualify, which is really determined on the details of your claim and whether it’s valid.  For instance, frivolous lawsuits are not considered.  Your attorney will gather the necessary information to submit to the funding company for its review.  This information will include the nature of your injuries, how serious they are, medical reports, and the details of the accident or circumstances which caused your injury.  If your claim is strong and will likely win, you will probably qualify.

Do you have to pay any money out of your own pocket?

No.  With Addison lawsuit loans, you only repay the loan along with any applicable fees and/or interest when you have won your lawsuit and have received compensation.  There are no monthly payments, no up-front fees.  If for any reason your attorney fails to win your lawsuit, you owe absolutely nothing to the litigation financing company.

How much of an advance can you get if you qualify?

Most company who specialize in lawsuit loans offer an advance of approximately 10% of your expected award.  So, if your attorney determines that your case is valued at $350,000, you will likely be advanced about $35,000 if you qualify.

This type of funding is ideal for plaintiffs who find they’re facing financial issues while waiting for their lawsuit to settle, but it isn’t right for everyone.  Learn more about litigation funding online, or discuss it further with your attorney to determine if it’s the right option for you.

Why You Need a Good Kansas City DUI Attorney at Your Side

If you’ve been pulled over for driving under the influence, or DUI, don’t take the situation lightly. It’s imperative that you hire a good Kansas City DUI attorney as soon as you can – ideally, right after you are read your rights once you’ve been accused of drunk driving and taken into custody.

Drunk driving laws have gotten stricter over the years, and while that’s a very good thing, it also means that at least occasionally, innocent people get pull over and charged with DUI. If you are suspected of driving under the influence, you can be arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence.

Fortunately, you’re not out of luck if you’re innocent and have been charged with DUI. A good Kansas City DUI lawyer can represent you; once he or she becomes very familiar with your case, everything will be done to make sure that you’re not unfairly charged.

How to handle being pulled over for suspicion of DUI

When you’re pulled over for suspicion of DUI, make sure you DO cooperate with police as fully as you can when asked to do so. You will probably be given some field sobriety tests, asked to recite the alphabet backwards, that sort of thing. You may also be given a breathalyzer test, which you can turn down – but that will most certainly result in your arrest for suspicion of DUI. Regardless of what happens during your field sobriety tests and other events that happen prior to your arrest, be quiet and don’t say anything further once your Miranda rights have been read to you. You have the right to remain silent, remember, so use it well.

When you are given the chance to do so, contact a Kansas City DUI attorney to represent you in court. He or she will provide several advantages for you, and not least of which is to protect your rights at all times. It’s also true that your attorney will be able to provide a buffer of sorts between you and police or other officials who may want to interview you or do other things to try to establish your guilt. Your lawyer can help you manage appropriate and inappropriate actions by the other parties and respond accordingly.

Remember, a Kansas City DUI attorney can’t help you if you don’t hire him or her. Do so today, and give yourself peace of mind: You’ve got someone in your corner with your best interests in mind.

An Arlington Criminal Defense Lawyer Works to Obtain Positive Results for Clients

When an individual has been accused of a criminal offense, it is highly recommended to obtain the support and guidance of a reputable Arlington criminal defense lawyer.  Regardless of whether you are arrested for DUI, shoplifting, or a more serious crime such as assault or arson, your attorney will first and foremost work to protect you from a conviction and the resulting criminal penalties.  Those convicted of crimes often face serious penalties which may include jail or prison time and substantial fines, among other things.

While no one wants to be investigated for or charged with a crime, the good news is that under the U.S. Constitution, any person who faces charges for allegedly committing a crime is innocent until proven guilty.  This means that the prosecutor has the burden of proving the accused individual’s guilt.  An experienced Arlington criminal defense attorney will thoroughly investigate the details of the client’s case in order to develop the most effective defense strategy. For every criminal offense, there are numerous defense tactics that often prove successful.

Ultimately, your defense lawyer would prefer to prevent having charges filed at all when possible, however this requires that the client consult with an attorney in the very early stages, prior to charges being filed by the prosecution.  When charges have already been filed, a skilled Arlington criminal defense lawyer may be able to have the charge reduced to a misdemeanor which typically results in less harsh penalties.  Of course, it is also the focus of a qualified defense lawyer to secure an acquittal for his or her client, which makes it possible to avoid criminal penalties altogether.

There are some instances in which it may be more favorable for the client to plead guilty or no contest, depending on the circumstances and whether the client is actually guilty.  In most cases, accepting a plea agreement from prosecutors results in criminal penalties which are substantially reduced from what a defendant would face if he or she were to be found guilty by a jury.  Your Arlington criminal defense attorney will work with you personally so that together it can be determined which is the best approach in your particular situation.

Whether you have been arrested for an offense that seems fairly minor, or are under investigation for a crime that would be considered violent or serious, speak with a seasoned criminal defense lawyer immediately.  Taking action quickly can make all of the difference in the outcome.  Your attorney will work vigorously to protect your legal rights, innocence, and ultimately your freedom, reputation, and career.

Use Pre-settlement Funding to Fill in Financial Gaps

Are you the victim of someone else’s negligence in that you are now embroiled in a personal injury lawsuit as the plaintiff? These are times that can be tough, of course, but they can be made somewhat easier if you have the money you need to take care of bills and medical expenses, among other things, while you wait for your injuries to heal.

Your settlement or jury award will do that for you, of course, but that will not be given to you until your case is decided. That could take a very long time, indeed, sometimes months or even longer. Fortunately, there’s a way to get part of that money upfront right now when you need it, without having to be subjected to a credit check or other arduous restrictions as required by traditional loans. These are called lawsuit loans, litigation financing, or pre-settlement funding; this funding can help tide you over until you receive your settlement or jury award.

What happens with this funding?

This pre-settlement funding can be given to you while you wait, but you have to apply for it. There are several things you need to qualify for in order to do so.

Number one, your lawyer must have been hired on contingency to represent you, meaning that he or she won’t get paid until and unless your case is has been won or settled.

Number two, your lawsuit must be valid, with no questionable aspects to it.

Number three, your case must be likely to result in settlement or jury award.

Number four, your lawyer must also agree that it’s a good idea for this to happen and must sign off on it, in that you can’t get the funding without your lawyer’s approval.

The pre-settlement funding company in question, the one you’ve applied to for the funding, will thoroughly investigate your case to make sure it meets all of their requirements.

Once all of these apartments have been met, though, you’re given a small portion of your likely settlement or jury award, usually about 10% of it. If you win your case, you’ll be expected to pay the loan plus fees and other costs back, plus interest. If you lose, though, pre-settlement funding is a true godsend, because you won’t have to pay anything back. If you lose, you simply walk away and focus on getting well.

Hire an Arlington Criminal Defense Attorney When Accused of a Crime

Regardless of the seriousness of the crime you have been accused of committing, it’s important to hire an Arlington criminal defense attorney.  Some people believe such offenses as DUI or shoplifting are somewhat minor, however either can leave someone who is convicted facing fines, potential jail time, and more.  Having a criminal record, regardless of the crime, can affect future employment opportunities and more.  Whether you have been charged or are under investigation and have not yet been arrested, speak with a skilled defense lawyer in Arlington right away.  Why?

Depending on the circumstances, your attorney may be able to negotiate with the prosecutor so that formal charges are never filed. However, if charges are filed, you will need an experienced lawyer who knows how to thoroughly investigate the details of your case.  There are occasions on which mistakes are made by police, or even prosecutors; these errors can prove to be very important in defending your legal rights and freedom.

Regardless of whether you are accused of DUI, armed robbery, or even a criminal offense as serious as murder you are presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.  There are situations in which an individual may be wrongly accused of a crime; perhaps there is a lack of hard evidence.  Even when compelling evidence does exist, a seasoned Arlington criminal defense lawyer will work diligently to challenge the evidence and fight against a conviction.

Many people feel they simply do not need a lawyer when arrested; they feel they can represent themselves, and save the money it would cost to obtain the services of an attorney.  The truth is, an Arlington criminal defense attorney thoroughly understands the law, and how to use it to his or her client’s advantage.  In addition, defense lawyers know how prosecutor’s work, and what action is necessary to reach a good outcome.  The fact of the matter is that prosecutors and judges are not your friends, and will do nothing to help you should you decide to represent yourself.  It’s likely that without a capable defense attorney, you will find yourself facing the harshest possible penalties for the crime you are charged with.

No matter what situation you find yourself in, the cost of hiring a qualified Arlington criminal defense lawyer is far less than the price you will pay if convicted, considering fines, potential loss of your freedom, and the damage to your reputation and career.  Don’t risk your future and good name; take advantage of the free consultation most attorneys offer today before you make a decision.

Wrecked Vehicle Impound Unclutters Your Property – Get Rid of Those Old Eyesores

Have you ever considered a wrecked vehicle impound service when your property is cluttered with cars, trucks, vans or other vehicles that are wrecked or inoperable?  When you own retail property, an apartment complex, restaurants, business complexes or other property, vehicles that are wrecked or have been just sitting there for weeks or months can really detract from a neat, professional appearance.  Why not get rid of those old clunkers?

Although the reason seems a little perplexing, people often leave wrecked or inoperable vehicles in areas where there are multiple parking spaces.  Shopping centers and strip malls are prime targets.  A wrecked vehicle impound service will come and pick up those cars, motorcycles, SUVs and other eyesores that are giving your property a cluttered, junk look.  You may have put it off because you thought it would cost you a pretty penny to have those vehicles removed, and why should it be your responsibility?  You can have those nuisance vehicles impounded at absolutely no cost to you.

It’s important that you choose experienced professionals for wrecked vehicle impound.  You want a company who protects you, as the property owner, and who will remove those wrecked vehicles promptly and professionally.  When you are in search of a company that specializes in wrecked vehicle impound, ask plenty of questions; you might even ask for a few references so that you know you will not be held responsible.  Make certain that the company is in compliance with any and all local and state laws.

Additionally, drivers should document the removal and take photos of the vehicle that will be impounded to further protect you.  The company that specializes in wrecked vehicle impound should have professional drivers who know how to safely load and tow away vehicles from your property without putting anyone at risk of harm.  You may have considered having someone you know tow the vehicle, but this is not a good idea – and you could be held liable should the owner of the vehicle return for his/her property.

Not only do you want your property to appear professional and well-maintained, you want it to be safe.  Phoenix abandoned vehicles or wrecked vehicles may be left in areas that block entrances; they may simply be a hazard, and you do not want to be held accountable should any damage occur.  By contacting a company who specializes in wrecked vehicle impound, you can clear away the clutter and prevent any potentially dangerous situations from occurring, all at no cost.  Let the professionals restore your property to a clean, neat and uncluttered state.