Should You Hire a Securities Arbitration Attorney When You’ve Been Misled by a Brokerage Firm?

When you’ve been misled by a brokerage firm or financial advisor, it’s often more advantageous to work with a securities arbitration attorney rather than litigate.  Investors typically find that arbitration is a cost-effective alternative to filing a lawsuit.  In securities arbitration, the investor may have his/her dispute resolved in a semi-private or private proceeding by a group of arbitrators, rather than by a jury and judge.

You may feel that you have been misled by your stockbroker, or that he/she was reckless in your investment.  A skilled securities arbitration lawyer knows how to “discover” the evidence, and that arbitration often leads to a quick resolution for the client, as brokerage firms cannot file countless appeals as often happens in the litigation process, stretching it out for months or even longer.  Litigation often results in substantial legal expenses to the investor, which is why arbitration is usually the preferred course of action.

Panel members in an arbitration proceeding are generally individuals who are skilled and knowledgeable in areas of controversy, and impartial to either the brokerage firm or the investor.  These “neutral” members work to resolve disputes between investors and brokerage firms or financial advisors.  Even through the arbitration process, it is essential that you have a knowledgeable securities arbitration attorney who understands securities investments, and can obtain all of the documents and other information necessary to successfully prove your claim.  The discovery process is highly important to recovering the money an investor loses when he/she suspects fraudulent action on the part of a broker/financial advisor.

It’s also important to note that when you do decide to consult with a securities arbitration lawyer, you choose someone who specializes in the investment/securities areas of the law.  An attorney who works only in these areas has the skill and expertise to ensure that a successful resolution is reached.  When you have lost a substantial amount of money, hiring a competent lawyer can make all of the difference in whether you recover your losses. (Visit Dataflurry Attorney Search Engine Optimization)

There are some very reputable brokerage firms and financial advisors who take great care of their investors and who make every effort to help their clients make wise investments; however, there are just as many who are unscrupulous.  Experienced securities arbitration attorneys understand that every day, investors lose money that may have been invested as a way to make their golden years financially comfortable, or was meant to pay for their children’s college.  Regardless, when you have been “scammed” it is critical that you consult with a reputable securities arbitration lawyer who will work to protect your future and recoup your losses.

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