The Genius of Donald J. Trump, President of The United States

Donald J Trump came onto the scene as a respected business person but almost a comical character in the election Forefront.

He was laughed at on the news, mocked by the current President Barack Obama at the correspondents dinner and even the republican party was against him during the primaries and nobody wanted to associate with him.

Deep down Americans loved what they saw, however with the media talking constantly so terribly about him and telling Americans they were foolish to support him  – many people didnt initially vocalize their support out of fear for being ostracized

He stormed on the scene in an almost grandiose – yet – comical way sliding confidently down an escalator at his personal hotel with his not matching, much younger wife by his side.

After a tough and well fought battle, Trump successfully overcame an incredible number of primary competitors and then – even more amazing, a David vs. Goliath presidential battle against Hillary Clinton.  Not that she had more going for her personality-wise; but the amount of money, political experience and backing by the media and corporate interests – this was almost an impossible win…

Accomplishing several absolute underdog victories that could never have happened without anyone else (especially considering he literally had no support from anyone – other than the American people).

Looking back on some insurmountable achievements. We have to question what the genius is that allows him to meet these wins?

We believe there are really 2 parts to the Genius of Donald J. Trump, and one part plays into his persona and the other plays into his instinctual / intellectual side.

First, his genius originates in his cinfidence and his undeterred / never questioned pride that he’s developed over the years.  Being able to use this to dominate any topic in a very effective way.

He’s managed to build an incredible amount of confidence while still maintaining the respect of others (undoubtedly before politics atleast).. Tied into his confidence and his powerful, boisterous personality, sense of humor and shock factor – aligned with lack of fear in stating how he feels.

It seems he came on to the stage when Americans were looking for him most.  Americans were eager for someone to speak for them, expressing their annoyance and frustration of being told how to act, told what to say, told who to like and what to think.

Americans were hungry for someone to literally bite back at the long brewing anger and frustration with political correctness and frustration with politicians and liberal media lying constantly to Americans and shoving their beliefs down Americans throats.

That confidence is one of the main parts to Donald J. Trumps genius that helped him become the president of the United States. However, the 2nd portion is the part that makes it all work.

Next, the most powerful part of his genius is his intuition, to help realize what will ruin his chances of winning.  Then, using his confidence to act on that intuition – eliminating potential enemies harming his chance of winning.

For example, never before has a Republican candidate ever thought to take on the entire media as a whole – and better yet done such an insanely incredible job doing it!

If Trump never attacked the media, they would have wrote the story.  He wouldn’t allow them to create the narrative and stepped to their level to speak as loud and ludicrous as they do to republicans on a daily basis.  He really has no choice but to be as loud and aggressive as possible with 90 percent of news, media, hollywood and education being heavily liberal.

Donald J. Trump was able to develop his own branding campaigns against any opponent whether it was media – fake new, little Marco Rubio, sleepy Joe Biden, Lyin Ted or the list goes on.

He picks a quality from his opponent that shows his dominance in some way.  Or picks a tagline  hr can use to state he is better, stronge, faster or more alive. In the medias case- simply discredit an entire industry.

In the medias case- simply discredit an entire industry.  This was literally one of the most effective marketing and branding campaigns in the history of the United States and likely the world.

Donald J. Trump was able to single handedly dismantle already eroding trust in the media.  However, this is part of his genius…

He’s able to pinpoint a weekness that will allow him to dominate his opponents and not lose a battle because he can keep fighting and showing thru his extreme confidence he hasn’t lost.

Donald J. Trump gets very little appreciation from modern media, or nearly any major print publication – however he will definitely go down in the history books without a doubt because of his brazen, powerful and strong tactics and as long as the economy keeps chugging he will likely go down in history for more than just his personality.

I understand he is currently going thru an impeachment hearing, but i don’t believe the democrats realize impeachment is only a word – and Donald J. Trump is very good with words.

I have a very strong feeling he will come out on top, even if he is the first president re elected after impeachment!





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